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Ashley Black

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MessageSujet: DarkBlade's stuff   Lun 6 Sep - 20:53

Mes poèmes de l'été. Ça raconte, pour la plupart, ce qui s'est passé durant ce temps. Ils sont en ordre chronologique.


Like a fool, I dream of you
Like an idiot, I hope and wait
Like a lover, I took care of you

In darkness, there is light
In hell, there is heaven
In sins, there are blessings
In rules, there is defiance
In black, there is white

Like a tattoo, your touch sunk in my skin
Like a stud, you pierced & twisted my very soul
When you kissed me, I didn't care anymore

Your hair we're like flames
Your eyes we're gems
Your shape was perfection
Your movement was art
Your soul was the devil

Yet my yearning for you crept in my bones
I don't love you
I am merely addicted to you


This ultimate risk is my blossom
The wind is brushing threw my rebellious hair
I notice your curious stare
It is the island of freedom

Threw the radiant sunbeam, I stare
How can such a wise person be so messed up
I am in doubt yet I don't feel like backing up
Such confusion is a nightmare

Dirty water rises up to my legs
Unafraid, you approach, acting friendly
Because of your help, I felt brawny
Your morals are like plagues

Together, we fight for survival
A new bond forms
Our minds storm
Your techniques are artful

Flying to our goal
You hold me by the arm
Is this a warning or a charm?
Your warmth ensnares my soul

Night falls
Fire stresses
My back arches
The wolf calls

Welcome to my heaven
Corruption's iron grip is closing in
When resistance is a sin
Your every action is a weapon

Your brutality makes me wince
Goosebumps are streaming
Your heart is bashing
Moaning ever since

Blazing me afire
Is your red dancing mane


Time hits us like a boomerang, leaving and returning without notice
All this time I thought I was ageless

Your life changes and you can't even bother
Passing through the darkness like a slicing dagger

Graffiti expressing youngsters' dreams
On the walls, they are blasphemes

Vengeance is greedy
Heart is empty

I am crying because you cannot open up
They won't wait; I need to speedup

Bright sun is back to heaven
Mysterious moon is fallen

We struggle for individuality
Resistance is deathly

Why must I be feeling so broken
There is no big secret left unspoken

I hit the bed; my bare skin brushes on the soft blankets
What I remember reminds me of mindless zealots

Alone in my lonely mind
I rewind my memories to remember when you we're behind


No shade, no soul
The rain washed me into a hole
So deep, so dark
Hiding in a park, I hope there's a spark

An image, a dream floats in my mind
Why must I stay blind?
Let the rain pour on my skin
The rainbow is there, it is within

Child I was when the forest rose
Sanity was my only dream
I watched the flapping wings of the sparrows
They we're a perfect team

Thunder roared and cracked
My desires had to be extracted
The judgment had been casted
So I decided to let myself be hacked

The stars are dim
I want to scream
My blood; my hidden hymn
How can you be so supreme?

Let the beginning float away
The signs are all aligned
I must be kept at bay
A single flower can be moonshined

Drop of water wash that innocence
A blink of an eye; a lifetime has passed
I won't be clean, defiance is my essence
I am the new outcast

Shades of life
They're shaped with a carving knife

Every color is weak
Only a pigment is unique


You we're so strong, so perfect to my eyes
Independent girl at heart
Your arm was an extension of art
But life is full of dyes

You opened my blinded vision
Stuck into oblivion
So I got bitten
You wouldn't let me stay beaten

What is this flow of new colors?
New ideas roam
Is this a syndrome?
Trying to find a pigment of truth under the waters

Turning in circles
I wait
This is a debate
I scream; the earth shuffles

Good balances bad
Perfection turns into flaws
Keep your claws
I will roam like a nomad

Let's go back to the beginning


Roar to life
I hear the water crushing against the wall
She cried to me
Don't worry because I promised that I will protect you

I am a shield
A protector
A best friend
A shooting star

I will hold your hand forever
Feel me through our bond
Roar at me
I can take the pain

You hurt
I will always be your friend
Our bond cannot be broken; that's what soul mates are made for
Scratch me if that's what will make you feel better

But my hand will always be there to hold yours
I bleed
I love
I comfort

Roar at the sun
Jump on my soul
Push me into the current
But I will never wash away

I will never let go
It can only mean that I love you

Long lost truth

It was automatic
I am a girl
It's okay to like boys
Boys run after me, I let them have me

It felt right and yet, it felt wrong
Boy love faded so quickly
I couldn't hold the passion for very long
Each time, I hoped it would be different

The sun left; the moon rose
Hopeless to understand what is wrong with me
When everybody else was in couples
And hot for sex

I wasn't
I was desperate for something more; something real
Something that would last forever
A real bond, a real love

You came, you talked, you shacked me
It all clicked when you said the words I love you
I let myself imagine it
What if I tried with a girl?

It didn't work out and it's fine
But, at least, you've unlocked something in me
Something that feels real
Like a long lost truth

Are you gonna hide?

Locking my gaze on yours
Which color is your heart?
Show me your colors
I'll let you discover my shades

Can't you lay down your claws?
Show me your weakness
I'll lay down for you
We can run away together

I am no psycho
Don't completely judge a book by it's cover
I am no mess
I don't choke on pills every morning

Yes, I am different
In the end, we all are
Every being is unique
What kind of boring world would it be if we all stuck to one path?

Stop hiding your sorry ass
Because I love it
Your very soul amazes me
And I won't stand to hide what we are

I wanna go where freedom is
I wanna find happiness
Doesn't matter where it lies
I won't hide under my bed

Rainbow of stars

It's a rainbow of stars
Feeling all around our body
Our auras
Our souls

We can call the summer back to us
Playing a fun game
Let's run and laugh together
Let's make this night worth while
It's a red star, the core

Just like a strong wave of joy
It's certainly a dangerous feeling
If you have the heart for it, it will give me the strength to go through anything
But, at times of weakness, I promise to help you through the storm
It's an orange star, the power

A happy and innocent smile
It's simple because you just give it
It's easy because I just grab it
Making it contagious
It's a yellow star, the joy

The summer's ending
The season is changing for us too
Let's start anew
Let's evolve together, see where it leads by trusting our hearts
It's a green star, the growth

The fresh breeze blew through your colorful hair
Looks like the appeasing wind followed our steps
I'll look towards the other side of the ocean, where most do not dare to go
With an innocent yet daring stare
It's a blue star, the purity

Ignore the eyes of others
Never fear because I'll protect you
Take my hand and I'll hold it tight
We'll create a world of our own
It's a purple star, the revolution

The world is a playground
If that's what we make of it
We hold our destiny and our heart in the palm of our hands
Just like a rainbow colored star, the next generation
Because it's okay to be different

Idiot Me

Colorful is the way I see your soul
The beauty of a star, sun, moon and ocean into a single scroll
Your hand is mine
Your heart stopping is a sign

Yet, this is all in illusion
You say you're nothing but a token
I don't want it to be this way
Should I crawl myself to the doorway?

I'd rather keep hoping
Dreaming is aching
Yet it is so fine
It is a drug that makes you shine

I am such an idiot
Why do I keep driving myself nut?
I have to get far away
Why is it so hard to be gay?

Morning, noon, evening, night
I am walking on blight
I try to be a knight
Be strong and follow the light

I'd rather be flying to you
It can't be undo
I remember your touch, your kisses
No matter which way I choose, I'll walk on ashes
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Ashley Black

Age du Perso : 29
Messages : 35

MessageSujet: Re: DarkBlade's stuff   Mar 7 Sep - 21:12


Girl 1
I wanna try it
Only with you
You are special and I cannot understand out why
Let's experiment together

Girl 2
I'll try my best
I'll stand beside you
Too hopeless to care
I'll follow your lead

Girl 1
I really like you
You're so cute
Your kiss made my heart stop
I am not afraid of others

Girl 2
I'll help you through it
I'll run with you
I'll give you my devotion
I'll make sure you're at ease in it all

Girl 1
I missed you alot
Just Be careful
I love you alot; I cannot wait to kiss you
I'm so happy to have you in my life

Girl 2
I believed I could changed something
That I could open your eyes to the horizon
To opportunities beyond, to a possible true love
To show you that a gender is nothing more than that

Girl 1
If only you we're a boy
You'd be a perfect soulmate
I don't think I can stand it anymore
I'd rather run to boys

Girl 2
I really started to like you
I am disappointed that all my efforts we're in vain
Yet, by your actions, you proved to me that they weren't
Is it my fault that I believe that the heart is the purity of truth and the head is a confused judge?

I know that I am strong
I will pass over this
I won't look back
Because I tried my best and I didn't do anything wrong

You walked away with a vodka bottle in your hand
Even though I tried to stop you
You didn't cared
This isn't the you I knew

And all that was before is now gone
There is no turning back
Only phantoms of the past left
Like a black ink that fades to gray

No more trying to sing together
No more cuddling in the dark at night
No more running around in the mall daring others to look at our reality
No more making you shiver at my touch

But I'll never forget those nights we spent together
Memories won't completely fade away
But, it's alright, I am not mad anymore
It's an experience of life that I will cherish

Cuz my bolt is here to help me through it
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DarkBlade's stuff
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